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Coto de Caza, CA’s Clear Choice For Hearing Care Is Mission Audiology

Many people believe that hearing loss is just something you have to deal with as you grow old, like stiff joints and forgetfulness. In reality, hearing loss can affect individuals of all ages and can be addressed by a professional audiologist, allowing you to continue to live your active, independent lifestyle.

We pull out all the stops when we set out to address the hearing care needs of our patients in Coto de Caza, CA, going above and beyond to provide you with hearing rehabilitation solutions that allow you to enjoy the sounds of the world around you. Unparalleled expertise, compassionate care, and state-of-the-art hearing technology are all trademarks of our team of five doctors of audiology.

Since 2012, Mission Audiology has helped to transform more than 5,000 lives in Mission Viejo and Orange County with 5-star hearing care focused on addressing your unique needs and improving your overall quality of life.

Better Hearing Care Begins With A Hearing Assessment

Memory recall, cognitive decline, and the early onset of dementia are all risks that accompany hearing loss that is left untreated. Depending on the severity of your hearing loss, your level of risk increases from 200% for mild hearing loss to 500% for more severe cases.

Our comprehensive hearing assessments are designed to pinpoint the type and severity of your hearing loss so that we can create a customized treatment plan designed to slow down or prevent the development of dementia by applying our expertise and today’s most advanced hearing technology.

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Diagnostic hearing test

Resound Hearing Aids

Take Advantage Of Advanced Hearing Technology In Coto de Caza, CA

Age-related hearing loss is the most common form of hearing loss, but challenges to your hearing can also come from frequent exposure to loud noise, head injuries, diseases, genetic defects, or the use of ototoxic drugs regardless of your age. Today’s hearing technology makes it possible for people of all ages to restore their hearing and continue enjoying a rewarding quality of life.

If you do nothing more than amplify the sounds around you, you also amplify distortion. However, modern hearing aid technology works to enhance voice and sound clarity. With lighter, smaller, more discrete options available and the capacity to connect your hearing device to other digital devices, such as your smartphone, television, or PC, hearing aids can have a significant impact on your quality of life.

The advanced technology cochlear implants you have access to through Mission Audiology are often the answer to addressing severe hearing and communication issues that do not respond to other treatments.

Although we are able to treat hearing loss after it has developed, we would rather protect riders, rockers, shooters, and others at risk of developing a noise-induced hearing loss from the damage with custom hearing protection.

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Get Help Coping With Your Tinnitus

Ringing, whistling, hissing, buzzing, or pulsing sounds are common characteristics of tinnitus, a neurological condition that develops in your brain and threatens your quality of life through stress, anxiety, loss of sleep, and problems with concentration. An estimated 50 million Americans experience the symptoms of tinnitus, which only occur occasionally in most, but can be experienced 24/7 for less fortunate individuals.

The stress and anxiety of chronic tinnitus does not have to continue to control the lives of Coto de Caza residents. Our tinnitus experts at Mission Audiology have proven techniques available to help you cope with your tinnitus symptoms so you can get some relief.

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Woman working out in MIssion Viejo, CA

Going Above And Beyond To Serve Coto de Caza

It is our passion to ensure that everyone in the Orange County and Mission Viejo area is able to experience the life changing benefits of professional hearing care, so we go above and beyond to address all of your hearing-related needs with additional services such as hearing aid maintenance and repair, aural rehabilitation, earwax management, and more.

Health, schedules, travel, and a variety of other challenges often make it impossible to attend an in-office appointment, which is why we provide Coto de Caza, CA with an alternative solution to overcome these issues with tele-health appointments.

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Meet the Team

Dr. Mark Datuin, Au.D.


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Melinda “Sunni” McBride, Au.D.

Advisory Board / Founder of Mission Audiology

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