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A range of frequencies all within range of assisted hearing with the Earlens

Most Complete Sound

Earlens can provide meaningful amplification from 125 Hz all the way to 10 kHz, while conventional hearing aids have trouble amplifying beyond 550 Hz to 5.5 kHz. But research has shown that those lower and higher frequencies impact sound quality and speech understanding, especially in noisy environments.

A comprehensive group of physicians and audiologists

Premium Care

Earlens is the only nonsurgical solution that combines the care of an ENT physician and audiologist or hearing health professional. With Earlens, you will receive the highest level of hearing healthcare from an expert hearing care provider near you. Your provider will be available for guidance & support every step of the way.

A custom fitted device set up for your ear specifically

Advanced, Custom Technology

Each Earlens solution includes a custom Ear Tip and Lens to optimize comfort and fit based on an ear impression taken by your physician. After they are ready, your physician will place the Lens in your ear, and your audiologist will program Earlens to your unique hearing needs.

How Does Earlens Work?

We are proud to be a provider of Earlens, the world’s first and only hearing solution to directly vibrate the eardrum. Earlens delivers more complete sound than any acoustic hearing aid, and a bandwidth that is associated with more natural sound quality and better hearing in noise.

In Earlens, a processor worn behind the ear sends an audio signal through the ear tip to a custom lens that rests directly on the eardrum. When the eardrum receives the signal, it gently vibrates the eardrum to activate the ear’s natural hearing system.

The Earlens processor, ear tip, and custom lens

A graph showing the three ranges of hearing available to most people: perfect hearing with the widest range of frequencies, the conventional hearing aid with the smallest range, and Earlens, which has almost the same as perfect hearing
An Earlens custom lens resting between a woman's thumb and forefinger

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