Hearing aid technology is constantly improving — it’s difficult for the average person to keep up with new developments!

The wireless capabilities of hearing aids keep improving. Now you can stream the television and phone calls directly to your hearing aids, without having to wear anything around your neck. Television and cell phone calls should come through loud and clear.

The computer chips processing hearing aids are getting faster and faster. There’s more computing power in today’s hearing aids than in the computers that put a man on the moon! This added power and speed means the aids can do more to reduce background noise and make speech clearer. And they are more automatic, so there is less pushing of buttons and adjusting.

One of the greatest developments is the widespread use of rechargeable batteries in behind-the-ear hearing aids. When you take the aids off at night, you don’t need to open the battery doors anymore. You just slip the aids into holes in the recharging unit. In the morning, the aids are ready to go with more than a full day’s charge. It’s simple to use and very reliable.

And finally, the Lyric™ Extended Wear hearing instruments have new sizes and better seals. We can now fit XXS ears and XXL. The new seals help some Lyrics last 3+ months at a time. This all means greater convenience and comfort.

Call one of our audiologists today to see if the new advances would help you hear better and enjoy life more!