Why Choose Mission Audiology over a Big-box Store Like Costco?


Hearing Aid retailer Comparison of Costco vs. Mission Audiology

When you choose Mission Audiology, you’re choosing a hearing care partner. You don’t get that at a big-box store.

You Get a Partner, Not a Hearing Aid Dispenser

We get to know you and your unique listening lifestyle first. Then, and only then, do we test your hearing. At Mission Audiology, you always get a licensed audiologist performing targeted tests to determine the cause, extent, and nuances of your hearing loss. Along the way, you’ll learn about your specific hearing loss, how hearing works and affects your ability to listen/understand conversations, and what hearing aids can and cannot do. We want any decision you make to be an informed decision.


You Get a Customized Hearing Experience

If you move forward with hearing devices, you’ll be able to choose from among the latest advances in hearing aid technology. When they arrive custom-fit to your ears, we program and refine them with you at our side. We make sure you like how they feel, we show you how to use the features, and we ensure you’re comfortable cleaning and caring for your devices.


You Enjoy Complimentary, Ongoing Hearing Aid Adjustments

But there’s more! You get complimentary follow-ups so you can debrief us on your experiences. Based on your feedback, we fine-tune your hearing aids to optimize your connection to the sounds of your world. We also regularly give your hearing aid technologies a thorough cleaning and ensure all the parts are in working order.

You Get an Established Audiology Team With a Community Focus

We’ve been in Mission Viejo, CA since 2012 and are proud to serve both our local and international communities. We work with charities such as the Hearing Loss Association of America and local organizations such as the Canterbury Senior Living Community to ensure hearing care for those who could otherwise not afford it. We also travel to places such as Guadalajara, Mexico, and Lanzhou, China, to share the beauty of sound in underserved communities.

Your Goals Are Our Goals

Hearing is our passion — what’s yours? We’d love to help you hear it. Our state-of-the-art technology, extensive experience, and compassionate care are why we consistently receive local and national awards for our dedication to superior customer satisfaction.

Hearing care isn’t a product. It’s a partnership involving the right expertise, the right technology, and the right care centered on your unique listening lifestyle. Contact us today to start your better-hearing journey!

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