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“It would be a disservice to you to not also share all the reasons why you SHOULDN’T treat your hearing loss.”

Is there anything more satisfying than proving your loved ones wrong?

We know the answer is no, but what we also know is that you’ve been trying to tell your loved ones they’re wrong about you needing hearing treatment for a long time, and they’re not listening!

It’s almost as if they have a hearing loss and not you. Oh wait, you don’t. Our bad.

We bet you’re itching to find the facts on hearing treatment and who actually needs it so you can gloat in your rightness. Here at Mission Audiology, we understand, and we’re here to help!

What better way to improve your relationships than having a hearing clinic become your abettors on this horrendous crime of trying to imply you have a hearing loss and need treatment when you clearly don’t?

We’re sure it’s been difficult to find the right information when there are so many articles and leaflets that back up your loved ones’ claims that you SHOULD treat a hearing loss.

It would be a disservice to you to not also share all the reasons why you SHOULDN’T treat your hearing loss.

Never say we’re not helpful.

NIDCD Epidemiology and Statistics Program staff have reported that 16 to 30% of people who could have richer more miserable lives by treating a hearing loss don’t seek treatment. You’re one of them!

You’re part of the secret club! You’re one of the special ones.

And as one of the special ones, we’ve written this article just for you, full of facts and reasons you can swat your loved ones away with next time they buzz around you with all their annoying talk about treating your hearing loss.

And who says you have one anyway?!


#1 – Your Music Sounds Better Set To Your Standards

You’re too hip to be listening to your music like an old person when you can be jiving like a youngster at a rock concert. Music was made to be loud, and no one else gets to tell you otherwise. Radio, TV, streamed music — TURN UP THE DECIBELS!

Even the neighbors keep banging on the wall to the beat, so you know they like it too. The other people you live with just don’t appreciate your fine taste in bass control.


#2 – Your Family Members Need To Pull Their Weight

Who’s the one who’s worked hard for far too long to make life better for their loved ones? You! Now it’s their turn.

You’ve carried the burden long enough. Now it’s time to make them repeat themselves, help you understand jokes, and go to doctor appointments with you because you can’t follow conversations.

You’d think they’d jump at the chance to do this for you, but they seem to be avoiding you and leaving you out of conversations. How dare they not become your hearing aid help you!


#3 – Who Wants To Listen To A Spouse Ramble And Nag?

You’ve always wanted peace and quiet, an end to the long, detailed explanations of things and talk about the day, and let’s not even mention the nagging.

You need a hearing test. Nag nag nag.

You need hearing treatment. Nag nag nag.

And they’re not even right. If you need hearing help, you’d know, even though studies have proven that loved ones are the first to notice a hearing loss. All lies to get you to give up your retreat from your marriage peace.

Magis amica veritas — truth is a better friend.


Are You Ready To Prove Your Loved Ones Wrong?

Book A Hearing Test!


#4 – No One Can Ask You For Favors Or Money

This season of your life is for rest and relaxation. Now the younger generation does exactly what you did and work hard and earn their own money and run their own errands, all while you relax.

Why give that up by being able to hear them ask for money or for you to do anything for them?

That’s what love is — they’re accepting what will not cannot be changed, and you have no intention of getting a hearing test or hearing treatment just so you’ll hear them asking for you to empty your wallet again or babysit a grandchild.

Your time and money are your own again. All of it.


#5 – It’s a Family Conspiracy

It’s not that you have a hearing loss. No. It’s that they have a listening loss.

Your spouse, kids, and grandkids have started mumbling and whispering, and it’s all part of their efforts to make you wear a hearing aid.

Silly people. As if you’d fall for that!

And there is no reason for them to start making up stuff about you not hearing properly anyway. Obviously, there’s something in it for them with all these accusations, like a better relationship with you unloading all their inadequacies on you.


Yes, We’re Joking! But We’re Serious Too

Believe it or not, we’ve heard a lot of reasons from our new patients over the years regarding why they haven’t seen an audiologist before.

Yes, we’re poking fun at some of them, but at some point, it becomes sobering to think about all the people who are missing out on so much by delaying or refusing to have a hearing loss treated.

Delay is a tool used by people who haven’t made a decision yet. The onus of this falls on the family, and it can cause relationships to fragment from the stress and strain.

Hearing loss happens so slowly and gradually that it can be hard for sufferers to notice the loss, which is why family members are usually the first to comment.

Trusting them is a good first step, followed by getting a hearing test by a hearing care professional. You’ll know immediately if it’s true.

The test is short and non-invasive, and you get the results instantly. You’ll also be given treatment options if you need them. And you might even find that all you need is your built-up earwax cleaned out.

Contact us here at Mission Audiology to book your hearing test, or call us with any questions.

The reality is that there really isn’t any good excuse for putting off a hearing assessment and that getting one is a great first step to living a richer, fuller life. We’re here to help you get there.

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