Are you and your family winter ready? Colder temperatures not only mean the holidays are here, they mean new challenges for your ears and your hearing aids. Here are our quick tips to help keep your ears and hearing technology in tip-top shape this season.

Watch Out for Noise

Heading out for a hunting trip, a hockey game, or a riveting time shoveling the driveway? Don’t forget your hearing protection. More than 31 million Americans ages 6 to 69 have hearing loss related to noise, one of the most preventable causes. Earplugs, headphones, or earmuffs help deaden loud sounds that can be harmful to your hearing.

Stay Warm and Dry

Keeping chilly air and water off your ears is more than just a comfort issue. Overexposure to severe cold, wind, or moisture could cause problems such as exostosis, an abnormal bone growth in the ear canal that can lead to blockage, infections, and hearing loss. Take cover with a hat and scarf or earmuffs in especially cold conditions, and consider customized earplugs if your activities involve water.

Beware of Ear Infections

With cold and flu season — as well as the customary cooler temps — comes the increased risk of ear infection for children and adults. Reducing the risk of flu or colds helps curb the chance of getting an ear infection. The flu vaccine and hand washing can go a long way toward prevention, but be sure to seek medical attention if you experience an ear infection.

Protect Your Hearing Aids

Just like your ears, your hearing technology is vulnerable to winter elements, including wind, precipitation, and cold weather. Wearing a hat, scarf, or earmuffs helps protect your devices — including the batteries — from the elements. Removing the batteries at night and leaving the battery door open also help cut down on potential moisture and maintain battery life.

Not sure what hearing protection option is right for you and your family? Contact us — we’d be happy to help you decide!