Help your heart, help your hearing

Celebrate American Heart Month with heart-healthy snack recipes that also help your hearing.

Why is a hearing care provider talking to you about American Heart Month? Because hearing health is strongly linked to heart health! Problems with your heart affect the blood supply to your ears — a key component of your hearing. So we’ve put together a list of our favorite heart-healthy snack recipes to get you through this important month.

10 Heart-Healthy Snack Recipes

  1. Blueberry Yogurt Smoothie
    Protein, fiber, antioxidants, vegetables — it doesn’t get much more heart healthy than this powerhouse blueberry and yogurt smoothie, and prep time is minimal. It’s good for a snack or even for a light breakfast.
  2. Black Bean and Corn Salsa
    What’s the Big Game without the big snacks, right? But all too often, those snacks come with a heaping helping of sodium, which can lead to high blood pressure. This low-salt black bean and corn salsa is guaranteed to please your taste buds and your heart.
  3. Edamame Hummus
    The chickpea-based hummus we all know and love is heart healthy already, so it’s a great addition to your football snack offerings. But why not try dipping veggies in this edamame hummus that’s even more heart healthy? Edamame packs a greater protein punch, has fewer calories, and provides more essential amino acids than chickpeas, so your heart will be even happier.
  4. Cucumber and Avocado Roses
    Simple to make and packed with healthy fats and fiber, these cucumber and avocado roses have far more nutritional power than their size suggests. And the rose shape makes them a great Valentine’s Day offering!
  5. Creamy Chocolate Dippers and Fruit
    Send your kids to school with a Valentine’s Day treat you can feel good about! The probiotics and protein make this yogurt-based chocolate dip a healthy alternative to chocolate syrup.
  6. Kale Brownies
    You read correctly — kale brownies. Not only are they delicious, these brownies have both kale and flax, two heart-healthy superfoods. Something this sweet shouldn’t be this healthy.
  7. Italian Caprese Avocado Toast
    Tomatoes, avocados, and whole grains combine in this heart-healthy trifecta. This avocado-toast concoction is simple to make and easy to experiment with — the recipe even has suggestions for Southwest- and Asian-inspired variations.
  8. Skinny Baked Beignets
    The official state doughnut of Louisiana, the beignet is required eating for any Mardi Gras celebration. These skinny baked beignets take the frying — and thus the extra fat and grease — out of the equation. Combine that with the unsalted butter, and this low-sodium sweet will be the hit of your Mardi Gras get-together.
  9. Vegan King Cake
    Yep, a cake. Because what’s Mardi Gras without a king cake? This vegan king cake eliminates the butter, eggs, and cream for a tasty, healthier alternative.
  10. 20 Easy Grab ’n’ Go Options
    Don’t have time to whip up something tasty and heart healthy? There are plenty of things you can quickly cobble together or keep at the ready should the snack bug bite. These 20 snack ideas — as simple as peanut butter and raisins on an apple slice or a handful of almonds — will satisfy your hunger and your heart.

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