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With over 5,000 patients helped since 2012, we have received numerous patient reviews praising our friendly atmosphere, compassionate doctors, and state-of-the-art hearing rehabilitation. Take a look at what our patients have to say about their experiences with our expert audiologists.

Patient Testimonials

Dan F.

Great service and really care about the clients! They changed my life!

Dennis S.

The staff is courteous and friendly. The audiologist practices up to date hearing technology. Very convenient location.

Mission Audiology offers a 3-month free trial on their hearing aids. Their products are state-of-the-art technology. And, most of all, they are dedicated to making the client completely satisfied. Call for a free evaluation and hearing test.

Jeff K.

Quality caring service.

Eva S.

Always a great experience. Office staff friendly and professional.

Morgan H.

They are amazing!

Steve O.

Mission Audiology has very professional and friendly staff. They always make time when I need my Lyric hearing aids changed out. I would recommend them to anyone looking for help with hearing improvement.

Joshua Y.

At 41, I have been suffering from constant, debilitating tinnitus for almost 2 years. After an ENT dr. told me “It’s likely due to hearing loss. Learn to live with it or we can prescribe antidepressants if you can’t handle it,” I did some research and sought a second opinion.

Mission Audiology was AMAZING! They took me seriously, treated me warmly and professionally, performed a battery of tests that confirmed my high frequency hearing loss, and then proposed a multitude of treatment options to attack the tinnitus from every angle!

One of those options included hearing aids with built-in masker. As soon as I put on the samples, my tinnitus stopped, and the masker was not even running yet! The aids were tuned for my frequency loss, and when I could hear those sounds again, my brain stopped trying to fill the void.

I still need the masker sometimes, but mostly use them without it. So, yes, I am a 41 year old with hearing aids, but they are so small, most people don’t notice them (not that I care). My quality of life has drastically improved, and I can enjoy silence again. Thank you, Mission Audiology! I highly recommend them to anyone suffering from hearing loss or tinnitus.

Erica H.

Reception area is warm and inviting office. The staff members were very kind and patient with each situation I witnessed while accompanying a family member.

Mack G.

Mission Audiology is fantastic! Why? Because they care about you, the patient!

I was having volume trouble with my VA-provided hearing aids. Having just read a news article on Mission Audiology and hoping to avoid a trip to VA Hospital, Long Beach; I made a call and was seen the following day.

Dr. Burnett was able to determine the cause, and with a couple quick adjustments…I was hearing this wonderful world's sounds again. Thank you, Dr. Burnett and staff.

Mission Audiology comes highly recommended!

Oli R.

Prompt, friendly, and best of all, they’re experts!

John H.

No pun intended, they really listened to what my mother was relating to them.

Ralph R.

Here are the things that all hearing facilities should improve, based on my experience.

1. Thoroughly training in using the software programs; many miss a turn on/off functions or adjust levels because they are not completely familiar with software.

2. Develop a complete post-adjustment detailed check list and run with patient to help prevent unnecessary patient returns for items the adjuster misses.

3. Simply asking “how do I sound?” is nonsense. Tests of the patient's ability to hear and understand should be conducted using special recordings at distances of 6 and 20 feet and run before releasing patients. In my opinion, the high cost of hearing aids certainly warrants giving the customer a more complete service.

Simon S.

Very nice people that know their stuff.

Nancy E.

Service was fantastic as always. I had an emergency repair that Mary took care of for me. I called and they got me in, and the repair was cheerfully done. Thanks, Mission Audiology!!

Nancy P.

Mary and Rachael are so helpful, understanding, and available. Rachael even made an extra accommodation in order to adjust my Lyrics!

Lynda B.

Dr. Rachel Burnett and her staff are wonderful to work with. They are pleasant and professional on the phone and in person. I was given the soonest appointment available, but asked for a call if a cancellation occurred — and one did! I see Dr. Rachel because of persistent, uncomfortable sticky earwax and have narrow Eustachian tubes. I am able to see her much easier than my previous ENT. She is thorough, gives me helpful hints, and relieves the discomfort and pressure. Have been to see her twice and will continue to seek her assistance in the future!

Emil P.

I found Rachel Burnett, Au.D., to be quite knowledgeable and generous with her time during my hearing consultation.

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